Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jupiter Carlyle

The Reverend Alexander Carlyle was born on January 26, 1772.  Known as Jupiter, from his striking profile, Carlyle rose to a very high position in the Church of Scotland.  From his autobiography comes the following, concerning Sir Walter Scott:

‘Sir Walter Scott has left a colloquial sketch of him, which, though of the briefest, is broad and colossal as a scrap from the pencil of Michael Angelo. He is discoursing of the countenances of poets; some that represented the divinity of genius, and others that signally failed in that respect. " Well," said he, " the grandest demigod I ever saw was Dr Carlyle, minister of Musselburgh, commonly called Jupiter Carlyle, from having sat more than once for the king of gods and men to Gavin Hamilton ; and a shrewd clever old carle was he, no doubt, but no more a poet than his precentor."…’


  1. Most interesting as always. I assume from your orthography that you're an American - pity , you might have enjoyed a lecture tomorrow at the New Club, Edinburgh, 7pm on : 1814, Scott's Annus Mirabilis - of Waverley & the Pharos... Anyway do come, if you can teleport to Reekie.. The Dean.

    1. Thanks for the invitation. Sounds like an interesting lecture, and I'd like to hear a report, if you get there yourself. But you are correct, it is a bit of a hike from the States.