Saturday, January 21, 2012

James Quin

‘…Nothing could be more different than his whole appearance seemed to be from the confidant of a desperate man, and the associate of outlaws in their unlawful enterprises.  He was a tall, thin, bony figure, with white hair combed straight down on each side of his face, and an iron-gray hue of complexion; where the lines, or rather as Quin said of Macklin, the cordage, of his countenance were so sternly adapted to a devotional and ascetic expression, that they left no room for any expression of reckless daring, or sly dissimulation…’

English actor James Quin, referenced by Scott in his “Redgauntlet”, died on January 21st, 1766.  Quin was most renowned for his role as Falstaff, in King Henry IV.  A note to the text of “Redgauntlet” explains that Quin and fellow actor Charles Macklin did not like each other.

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