Friday, January 20, 2012

Edward Balliol Abdicates

‘…At no period of her history was Scotland devoid of brave men, willing and able to defend her rights.  When the scandalous treaty by which Baliol had surrendered the independence of his country to Edward [Edward III of England] came to be known in Scotland, the successors of Bruce’s companions were naturally among the first to assert the cause of freedom.  John Randolph, second son of the Regent, had formed a secret union with Archibald Douglas, a younger brother of the Good Lord James, and they proceeded to imitate the actions of their relatives.  They suddenly assembled a considerable force, and attacking Baliol, who was feasting near Annan, they cut his guards in pieces, killed his brother, and chased him out of Scotland in such haste, that he escaped on horseback without time to clothe himself, or even to saddle his horse…’

The text above comes from Walter Scott’s “History of Scotland”.  Edward Balliol abdicated the throne of Scotland on January 20th, 1356. 

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