Friday, January 13, 2012

Elisa Bonaparte

‘All that is known with certainty of Napoleon’s family, may be told in a few words…I. Joseph, the eldest,  who though placed by his brother in an obnoxious situation, as intrusive King of Spain, held the reputation of a good king, and moderate man…The females were, I Maria Anne, afterwards Grand Duchess of Tuscany, by the name of Elisa….’

Sir Walter Scott provided a sketchy view of Napoleon’s family in his “Life of Napoleon Buonaparte”.  Napoleon’s sister Elisa was born this day, January 13th, in 1777.  Others have filled in more of Elisa and others of the Bonaparte family’s lives, and one source of information is the Napoleon Historical Society.  According to this group, Elisa and her husband, M. Felice Bacciochi,  were crowned at Lucca in 1805.  Elisa’s lowly husband became Elisa’s chamberlain.  Her reign is remembered as supportive of the arts.

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