Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Charlotte Lennox

‘The society of Richardson was limited to a little circle of amiable and accomplished persons, who were contented to allow a central position to the author of Clarissa, and to revolve around him in inferior orbits.  The families of Highmore and Duncombe produced more than one individual of this description; and besides Mrs. Donellan, and the Miss Fieldings, whom Richardson loved, not-withstanding the offences of their brother…Charlotte Lennox was also a regular visitor at Parsons-Green, and scarce could remember a visit in which her host had not rehearsed at least one, but probably two or three voluminous letters, if he found her in the humour of listening with attention…’

English author and poet Charlotte Lennox died on January 4, 1804.  The text above comes from Sir Walter Scott’s biography of Samuel Richardson, and provides some insight into the author.

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