Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The King then pulled forth a paper from his pocket, and, ere he gave
it to Martivalle, said, in a tone which resembled that of an apology,
"Learned Galeotti, be not surprised that, possessing in you an oracular
treasure, superior to that lodged in the breast of any now alive, not
excepting the great Nostradamus himself [a French astrologer of the
sixteenth century, author of a book of prophecies, which was condemned
by the papal court in 1781], I am desirous frequently to avail myself of
your skill in those doubts and difficulties which beset every Prince
who hath to contend with rebellion within his land, and with external
enemies, both powerful and inveterate."…

Michel de Nostradame needs no introduction.  Nostradamus was born in 1503, on December 14.  Sir Walter Scott mentions him in “Quentin Durward” (text above).

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