Friday, December 9, 2011

Anthony van Dyck

‘…In the meantime, the gentleman and lady continued to advance, directing their course to a rustic seat, which still enjoyed the sunbeams, and was placed adjacent to the tree where the stranger was concealed.
The man was elderly, yet seemed bent more by sorrow and infirmity, than by the weight of years. He wore a mourning cloak, over a dress of the same melancholy colour, cut in that picturesque form which Vandyck2 has rendered immortal. 

2) Sir Anthony Vandyck (1599-1641), the famous Flemish painter. He was knighted and made court painter to Charles I. in 1632. His portraits of the king and the royal family are among his best-known works.’

We continue with Walter Scott’s “Woodstock” today, with text and a note concerning Sir Anthony van Dyck.  Van Dyck was Flemish, and benefited from Charles I’s interest in art.  Anthony van Dyck died on December 9th, 1641

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