Friday, December 16, 2011

Bill of Rights

‘…As for the Queen, and the credit that she hath done to a poor man's daughter,and the mercy and the grace ye found with her, I can only pray for her weel-being here and hereafter, for the establishment of her house now and for ever, upon the throne of these kingdoms. I doubt not but what you told her Majesty, that I was the same David Deans of whom there was a sport at the Revolution, when I noited thegither the heads of twa false prophets, these ungracious Graces the prelates, as they stood on the Hie Street, after being expelled from the Convention-parliament…’

Sir Walter Scott refers in this section of “The Heart of Midlothian”, to the expulsion of Scotch Bishops from the Convention Parliament.  On this day (December 16) in 1689, the Convention Parliament passed the Bill of Rights, under which William and Mary were invited to assume the throne of England.

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