Sunday, August 8, 2010


August_ 8 (1826).--Wrote my task this morning, and now for walk. Dine to-day at Chiefswood; have company to-morrow. Why, this is dissipation! But no matter, Mrs. Duty, if the task is done. "Ay, but," says she, "you ought to do something extra--provide against a rainy day." Not I, I'll make a rainy day provide against a fair one, Mrs. Duty. I write twice as much in bad weather. Seriously, I write fully as much as I ought. I do not like this dull aching in the chest and the back, and its giving way to exercise shows that it originates in remaining too long in a sitting posture. So I'll take the field, while the day is good.

From Scott's Journal.  Chiefswood was a name Scott gave to a cottage that John Smith built for Scott's daughter and son-in-law; the Lochharts.  Scott was fond of visiting, as there are several references in his journal to meals there.  Thomas Carlyle, in "On Walter Scott", also mentions that Scott met many people at Chiefswood.

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