Friday, August 20, 2010

Saint Bernard

'...but of the Monks, and especially of the Monks Benedictine, reformed on the rule of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, thence called Cistercian, of which Monks, Christian brethren—sister I would say—great is the happiness and glory of the country in possessing the holy ministers of Saint Mary's, whereof I, though an unworthy brother, may say it hath produced more saints, more bishops, more popes—may our patrons make us thankful!—than any holy foundation in Scotland...'

References to Saint Bernard appear in several of Walter Scott's works, including "The Monastery" (above).  Bernard was known for his eloquence and his discipline, and at the behest of King Louis VI, helped decide that Innocent II would succeed Pope Honorius II after Honorius died rather than the alternative candiidate Anacletus II.  Bernard of Clairvaux died in 1153.  His feast is celebrated on August 20,

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