Friday, August 13, 2010

Louis XVI of France Arrested

On August 13, 1792, France's National Tribunal formally arrested Louis XVI.  The arrest was the tail-end of an insurrection which occurred on August 10th.  Walter Scott covers much of Louis' travails in his "Life of Napoleon Buonaparte".  About the insurrection:

Early on the morning of the 10th of August, the tocsin rung out its alarm-peal over the terrified city of Paris, and announced that the long-menaced insurrection was at length on foot. In many parishes the Constitutional party resisted those who came to sound this awful signal; but the well prepared Jacobins were found every where victorious, and the prolonged mournful sound was soon tolled out from every steeple in the metropolis.

Thus imitated by the dramatist Lee, from the historian Darila:—
" Have you not heard—the King, preventing day,
Received the guards within the city Rates ;
The jolly Swisses marching to their pipes,
The crowd stood gaping heedless and amazed,
Shrunk to their shops, and left the passage free."—S

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