Tuesday, August 31, 2010

John Bunyan

John Bunyan died on August 31, 1688.  The author of "Pilgrim's Progress" was known for his profanity during his early years.  After serving in the Parliamentarian army against the king in 1645, his conscience bothered him, and moved him toward more religious thinking.  Bunyan was a gifted public speaker, and became a popular preacher; except with the authorities.  At the Restoration, in 1660, he was jailed and later convicted for not attending church, and for holding unlawful meetings.  Bunyan gained full liberty from jail twelve years later. 

Bunyan died a few months before the Revolution of 1688.  He is buried in Bunhill Fields, which also bears the remains of Daniel Defoe, William Blake and others.

Walter Scott references Bunyan and phrases from "Pilgrim's Progress" several times in his journal and works.  Below is a reference from "The Fortunes of Nigel".

And withal (as John Bunyan says,) as they went on their way, he sung—

" Oj do ye ken Elsie Marley, honey—
The wife that sells the barley, honey ?
For Elsie Marley's grown sae fine,
She winna get up to feed the swine.—
O, do ye ken n i."

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