Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Simond's Switzerland

July 6 (1828).—A day of hard work. The second volume is now well advanced—wellnigh one half. Dined alone, and pursued my course after dinner. Seven pages were finished. Solitude's a fine thing for work, but then you must lie by like a spider, till you collect materials to continue your web. Began Simond's Switzerland—clever and intelligent, but rather conceited, as the manner of an American Frenchman. I hope to knock something out of him though.

Scott was working on "Anne of Geierstein" in 1828, as reflected in the entry above from Scott's Journal.  Louis Simond's 1822 publication "Switzerland, or, A Journal of a Tour and Residence in that Country, in the Years 1817,1818, and 1819" was one of his sources for material about the novel's setting.

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