Thursday, July 22, 2010

Battle of Falkirk

The Battle of Falkirk occurred on July 22, 1298.  William Wallace was serving as Guardian of Scotland at the time.  English forces under Edward I invaded Scotland, searching for Wallace.  The found him at Falkirk, and handed the Scots a terrible defeat.  Wallace escaped, but his friend and ally Sir John de Graham died during the battle.

Walter Scott wrote of the outcome of this battle in his "The History of Scotland". 'The slaughter and disgrace of the battle of Falkirk might have been repaired in other respects; but it cost the Scottish kingdom an irredeemable loss in the public services of Wallace. He resigned the guardianship of the kingdom, unable to discharge its duties, amidst the calumnies with which faction and envy aggravated his defeat. The bishop of Saint Andrew's, Bruce earl of Carrick, and sir John Comyn were chosen guardians of Scotland, which they administered in the name of Baliol. In the mean time that unfortunate prince was, in compassion or scorn, delivered up to the pope by Edward, and a receipt was gravely taken for his person from the nuncio then in France. This led to the entrance of a new competitor for the Scottish kingdom...'

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