Saturday, June 26, 2010

George IV of England

On June 26, 1830, George IV of England passed away, at age 67.  George reigned as king for only ten years, but ruled as prince regent from 1811 to 1820, when his father George III died.  George III suffered bouts of insanity during this time. 

George IV was known for his jovial living, and Walter Scott enjoyed organizing his visit to Edinburgh in 1822, and entertaining the king.  George became the first English monarch to visit Scotland since 1650.  It was due to Scott's orchestration of the pageantry that the tartan became inextricably associated with Scotch life.

Scott mentions George's passing the next day in his journal:

June 27 (1830)...The whole day of pleasure was damped by the news of the King's death; it was fully expected, however, as the termination of his long illness. But he was very good to me personally, and a kind sovereign. The common people and gentry join in their sorrow. Much is owing to a kindly recollection of his visit to this country, which gave all men an interest in him.

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