Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Robert Stevenson

Lighthouse builder, friend of Sir Walter Scott, and grandfather of author Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Stevenson was born on June 8, 1772.  Stevenson's three sons followed him in the engineering trade.  The trip to the Northern Lights that Scott took with Stevenson (published in Scott's journal "Northern Lights or a Voyage in the Lighthouse Yacht to Nova Zembla and the Lord where in the summer of 1814") has been covered in a previous post on Bell Rock Lighthouse, which was designed by yesterday's subject, John Rennie.

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses has a page on its website discussing the trip that Stevenson and Scott took together in 1814.  This page mentions that Scott may be responsible for persuading Stevenson that an old castle at Kinnaird Head should be preserved (http://www.lighthousemuseum.org.uk/index.html).

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