Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Battle of Drumclog

June 1, 1679 saw the Battle of Drumclog being fought, in South Lanarkshire.  The battle pitted covenanting forces against John Graham of Claverhouse.  June 1st was a Sunday that year, and the fighting commenced when Covenanters, at Sunday services, learned that Graham and his troops had moved near the area. 

The Covenanters under Robert Hamilton took up a position at Drumclog, which Claverhouse and his troops could not get through, due to its boggy nature.  William Cleland attacked for the Covenanters as Graham was mired, and won the day.

Walter Scott included this battle in his novel "A Tale of Old Mortality":

"...The company had not long left the Howff, as Blane's public-house was called, when the trumpets and kettle-drums sounded. The troopers got under arms in the market-place at this unexpected summons, while, with faces of anxiety and earnestness, Cornet Grahame, a kinsman of Claverhouse, and the Provost of the borough, followed by half-a-dozen soldiers, and town-officers with halberts, entered the apartment of Niel Blane.

"Guard the doors!" were the first words which the Cornet spoke; "let no man leave the house.--So, Bothwell, how comes this? Did you not hear them sound boot and saddle?"..."

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