Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trial of Charles I of England

The trial of Charles I began on January 20, 1649.  Charles refused to plea, as no court had jurisdiction over a monarch.  Fifty-nine Commissioners to the court found Charles guilty, and condemned him to death.

Sir Walter Scott refers to this trial in "Peveril of the Peak":

Moultrassie Hall, the residence of Mr. Bridgenorth, was but two miles distant from Martindale Castle, the ancient seat of the Peverils; and while, as Bridgenorth was a decided Roundhead, all friendly communication which had grown up betwixt Sir Geoffrey and his neighbour was abruptly broken asunder at the outbreak of hostilities, on the trial and execution of Charles I., Bridgenorth was so shocked, fearing the domination of the military, that his politics on many points became those of the Peverils, and he favoured the return of Charles II.

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