Saturday, January 16, 2010

Treaty of Union

The Scottish Parliament ratified the Treaty of Union with England this day (January 16) in 1707.  Sir Walter Scott devotes significant time to this union, and the historical actions leading up to its formulation and framing, in "Tales of a Grandfather".  Scott's dedication references the union:

To Hugh Littlejohn, Esq.

My dear child,
I now address you to two volumes of Scottish Stories, which brings down the History of that Country from the period when England and Scotland became subject to the same King until that of the Union, when they were finally united into one Kingdom.  That you and children of your age, may read these books with pleasure and improvement, is the desire and hope of,
My dearest Child,
Your very affectionate Grandfather,
                            Walter Scott
Abbotsford, 15th October, 1828

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