Saturday, January 30, 2010

Execution of Charles I

Charles I of England met his fate on January 30, 1649.  Charles' birth was mentioned in an earlier post, as well as one incident leading to his downfall, and ultimately the trial that led to his beheading.  Charles is said to have faced his end bravely, displaying no signs of fear.  The execution took place in front of the Banqueting House, Whitehall. 

Charles appears in a happier, more innocent age, as Babie Charles in Scott's "The Fortunes of Nigel". 
"He shall have our own advice," said the king, "how to carry on his studies to maist advantage; and it may be we will have him come to Court, and study with Steenie and Babie Charles. And, now we think on't, away—away, George—for the bairns will be coming hame presently, and we would not as yet they kend of this matter we have been treating anent. Propera fedem, O Geordie. Clap your mule between your boughs, and god-den with you."

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