Friday, June 15, 2012

Magna Carta

‘…The wise and attentive precautions adopted for his safety touched
Richard's feelings, and removed any slight grudge which he might retain
on account of the deception the Outlaw Captain had practised upon him.
He once more extended his hand to Robin Hood, assured him of his full
pardon and future favour, as well as his firm resolution to restrain the
tyrannical exercise of the forest rights and other oppressive laws, by
which so many English yeomen were driven into a state of rebellion. But
Richard's good intentions towards the bold Outlaw were frustrated by the
King's untimely death; and the Charter of the Forest was extorted
from the unwilling hands of King John when he succeeded to his heroic

King John, or John Lackland, takes part in Walter Scott’s “Ivanhoe”, from which the passage above is taken.  John is remembered for putting his seal to the Magna Carta, on June 15, 1215.

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