Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Day at Deptford

‘15th March, 1652. I saw the Diamond and Ruby launched in the Dock at Deptford, carrying forty-eight brass cannon each; Cromwell and his grandees present, with great acclamations.’

Diarist John Evelyn reports watching the HMS Diamond and HMS Ruby being launched.  The Ruby served longer than the Diamond, being captured in 1707.  The Diamond was captured in 1693.  Both ships were built by Peter Pett at the first Royal Navy dockyard at Deptford. 

Walter Scott includes Deptford dockyard in “Kenilworth”: ‘…"MASTER TRESSILIAN, 
OUR GOOD FRIEND AND COUSIN, "We are at present so ill at ease, and otherwise
so unhappily circumstanced, that we are desirous to have around us those of our friends
 on whose loving-kindness we can most especially repose confidence; amongst whom we
 hold our good Master Tressilian one of the foremost and nearest, both in good will and good
ability. We therefore pray you, with your most convenient speed, to repair to our poor lodging,
at Sayes Court, near Deptford, where we will treat further with you of matters which we deem
it not fit to commit unto writing. And so we bid you heartily farewell, being your loving kinsman
to command…’

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