Monday, September 12, 2011

The Airy Tongues that Syllable Men's Names

‘September 12 [1826]…Well, I visited the spring in the morning, and completed my task afterwards. As I slept for a few minutes in my chair, to which I am more addicted than I could wish, I heard, as I thought, my poor wife call me by the familiar name of fondness which she gave me. My recollections on waking were melancholy enough. These be

"The airy tongues that syllable men's names."

All, I believe, have some natural desire to consider these unusual impressions as bodements of good or evil to come. But alas! this is a prejudice of our own conceit. They are the empty echoes of what is past, not the foreboding voice of what is to come…’

Official remembrance of the ten year anniversary of 911 has completed.  So far, no successful terrorist activity in the States (I’m writing on Sunday night).  Journaling on September 12th, 1826, Scott invokes Milton, perhaps to convince himself that what he’s experienced is not real, and that he should return to his life and work.  After watching some of the Ground Zero ceremony on TV today, I’m sure many who lost loved ones on 911(and otherwise) would welcome the bittersweet solace such an experience would provide.

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