Monday, September 26, 2011

Saint Cyprian the Magician

‘…"Poor brother Cyprian, at your Highness's command," said the father.
"Ay, ay, brother Cyprian," continued the Prince, "yes. Brother Cyprian shall let you out at some secret passage which he knows of, and I will see him again to pay a Prince's thanks for it."…’

It is not Saint Cyprian in Walter Scott’s “The Fair Maid of Perth”, but a namesake, at least.  And who would know about secret passages but a magician.  The former pagan magician converted to Catholicism, ultimately becoming a bishop.  Cyprian, and Saint Justina, with whom Cyprian had attempted to become intimate prior to his conversion, were both beheaded on September 26, 304 during a persecution imposed by Roman Emperor Diocletian.

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