Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meeting Hook

Author Theodore Hook, who we’ve written on previously, passed on August 24, 1841.  Scott met Hook on at least one occasion, which he recorded in his journal:

 April 21 [1828].—Dining is the principal act of the day in London. We took ours at Kensington with Croker. There were Theodore Hook and other witty men...

Scott valued Hook's abilities, as is attested to in a letter to Daniel Terry, written in March 1825.  The letter concerns his publishing efforts '...I need not add that Theodore Hook's assistance will be
impayable. On the whole, my apprehension is for want of money in the outset. Should you either start with marked success, or have friends sufficient to carry on at some disadvantage for a season or two, I should have little fear; but great attention and regularity will be necessary. You are no great accountant yourself, any more than I am,—but I trust Mr Yates is. All rests with prudence and management. Murray is making a fortune for his sister and family on the very bargain which Siddons, poor fellow, could not have sustained for two years longer...'

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