Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sourcing Material for "Life of Napoleon"

Sir Walter Scott's "Life of Napoleon Buonaparte" presented some significant new material to the world.  Some of this was included in a historical note related to Napoleon's coup d'etat of Eighteenth Brumaire.  Scott's journal entry of November 16, 1826, provides insight into the the research process he engaged in, meeting with Arthur Wellesley to further the cause of his study of Napoleon: 'At eleven to the Duke of Wellington, who gave me a bundle of remarks on Bonaparte's Russian campaign, written in his carriage during his late mission to St. Petersburg. It is furiously scrawled, and the Russian names hard to distinguish, but it shall do me yeoman's service.'  Information from Wellesley's packet was later published as "Memorandum on the War in Russia in 1812".

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