Friday, November 12, 2010

Plymouth Incorporated

'The Bellerophon had hardly anchored, when orders came from the admiral, Lord Keith, which were soon after seconded by others from the Admiralty, enjoining that no one, of whatever rank or station, should be permitted to come on board the Bellerophon, excepting the officers and men belonging to the ship. On the 26th, the vessel received orders to move round to Plymouth Sound.'

Plymouth has long been an important coastal city for England, with passenger and commercial trade passing through its port.  It was the point of departure for the Pilgrims coming to America.  Napoleon Bonaparte wanted to go to America too.  But he was captured during his escape from France.  Instead of America, the ship carrying the defeated Napoleon Bonaparte aimed for the Plymouth Sound.  Later, Napoleon was shipped to St. Helena.

On November 12, 1439, Plymouth became the first town incorporated by the English Parliament.  The text above is from Walter Scott's "Life of Napoleon".

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