Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sayings and Doings

Scott's Journal: February 21 (1828).—Last night after dinner I rested from my work, and read third part of [Theodore Hook's] Sayings and Doings, which shows great knowledge of life in a certain sphere, and very considerable powers of wit, which somewhat damages the effect of the tragic parts. But he is an able writer, and so much of his work is well said, that it will carry through what is manqué. I hope the same good fortune for other folks.

Theodore Hook was contemporary with Scott, living between 1788 and 1841.  He was gifted musically, as was his father, James Hook, who composed popular songs.  Theodor Hook's first major success occurred at age 16, when he composed (with his father) a comic opera - "The Soldier's Return".

Hook is remembered for authoring a Tory newspaper, titled "John Bull".  He also wrote fashionable novels, such as "Sayings and Doings".

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