Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys was born on February 23, 1633.  Pepys is best known for his diary, but he was also Chief Secretary to the Admiralty under Charles II and James II,  and a Member of Parliament in Charles II's Third Parliament.

Walter Scott reviewed "Pepys' Diary" for John Lockhart for the Quarterly Review.  This work took place in late 1825/early 1826, as reported in Scott's Journal:

December 27th (1825).—...Worked at Pepys in the evening, with the purpose of review for Lockhart.

Jedburgh, April 17 (1826).—Received £100 from John Lockhart, for review of Pepys...[Quarterly Review, No. 66, Pepys' Diary].

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  1. I'd say £100 was a pretty penny in those days. I'd take it for a review today!