Wednesday, October 26, 2011

William Hogarth

'Marry, hang her, brock!' said the Counsellor, borrowing an exclamation
from Sir Toby Belch; 'just the month in which Ellangowan's distresses
became generally public. But let us hear what she has done.'

Mr. Protocol accordingly, having required silence, began to read the
settlement aloud in a slow, steady, business-like tone. The group around,
in whose eyes hope alternately awakened and faded, and who were straining
their apprehensions to get at the drift of the testator's meaning through
the mist of technical language in which the conveyance had involved it,
might have made a study for Hogarth.

William Hogarth made the pages of Walter Scott’s “Guy Mannering”.  Hogarth was a leading painter in his day, and produced a portrait of David Garrick, among others.  He was also a prolific printmaker.  William Hogarth who died on October 26th, 1764

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