Friday, July 29, 2011

William Wilberforce

‘Wilberforce had met Scott in February 1821.  Those in attendance at this dinner party, hosted by Sir Robert Inglis, included former Prime Minister Lord Sidmouth (Henry Addington) as well as Wilberforce’s friend and political protégé Sir Thomas Acland.  Harford, with whom Wilberforce had taken a coach to attend the dinner, recalled that “Mr. Wilberforce much enjoyed this meeting with Sir Walter, and the pleasure appeared to be mutual.”

Scott was arguably Wilberforce’s favorite novelist – and a poet whose skill he greatly admired.  He considered Scott’s works “full of genius”…’

The text above comes from Kevin Belmonte’s “William Wilberforce”, a biography of the philanthropist.  Wilberforce was also a member of Parliament, where he pushed for abolition of the slave trade.  Belmonte’s book includes many other quotes concerning Scott’s novels.  Wilberforce died on July 29, 1833, and is buried in Westminster Abbey, next to William Pitt (the Younger).

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