Sunday, July 24, 2011

Queen Mary

‘…The inhabitants of the village were therefore invited to attend upon the instructions
 of Henry Warden,and many of them were speedily won to the doctrine which their 
master and protector approved. These sermons, homilies, and lectures, had made a
 great impression on the mind of the Abbot Eustace, or Eustatius, and were a
 sufficient spur to the severity and sharpness of his controversy with his old
 fellow-collegiate; and, ere QueenMary was dethroned, and while the Catholics
 still had considerable authority inthe Border provinces, he more than once
 threatened to levy his vassals, and assailand level with the earth that stronghold
 of heresy the Castle of Avenel…’

Queen Mary was dethroned on July 24, 1567, as the text above from “The Abbot” references.  Her son James VI acceded to the throne that day, though he was little more than a year old.

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