Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Lion of this season becomes the Boar of the next

Walter Scott was known for helping many less successful authors, and people he liked.  As an example, today's post comes from Scott's journal; a note associated with an entry from March 18th.  The note references a letter dated March 23, 1832, which contains an observation appropriate for all:

'As this is the last reference to the Ettrick Shepherd in the Journal [on March 18th], it may be noted that Sir Walter, as late as March 23d, 1832, was still desirous to promote Hogg's welfare. In writing from Naples he says, in reference to the Shepherd's social success in London, "I am glad Hogg has succeeded so well. I hope he will make hay while the sun shines; but he must be aware that the Lion of this season always becomes the Boar of the next.... I will subscribe the proper sum, i.e. what you think right, for Hogg, by all means; and I pray God, keep farms and other absurd temptations likely to beset him out of his way. He has another chance for comfort if he will use common sense with his very considerable genius."....'

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