Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Handsel Monday

" Did you by any chance learn his name?" .

" I wot weeldid I—for he said it-was likely that an auld woman like a gipsy wife might be asking for him. Ay, ay! tell me your company, and I'll tell you wha ye are! O the villain. Aweel, sir, when he gaed away in the morning he paid his bill very honestly, and gae something to the chamber-maid, nae doubt, for Grizzy has naething frae me, but two pair o' new shoon ilka year, and may be a bit compliment at Hansel Monday ." Here Glossin found it necessary to interfere, and bring the good woman back to the point.

Sir Walter Scott employs the money giving tradition of Handsel Monday in "Guy Mannering".

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