Saturday, January 29, 2011

Battle of Brienne

'The result of the battle of Brienne was indecisive, and the more unsatisfactory to Bonaparte, as the part of Blucher's force engaged did not amount to 20,000 men, and the sole advantage gained over them, was that of keeping the field of battle. Napoleon's principal object, which was to divide Blucher from the grand army, had altogether failed. It was necessary, however, to proclaim the engagement as a victory, and much pains was taken to represent it as such. But when it was afterward discovered to be merely a smart skirmish, without any material results, the temporary deception only served to injure the cause of Napoleon....'

On January 29, 1814, French forces under Napoleon Bonaparte defeated combined Prussian/Russian forces at the Battle of Brienne.  Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher led the Prussian forces.  Marshal Michel Ney was instrumental in securing the town of Brienne.  Blücher was nearly captured, but escaped and later met Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.  The text above is from Walter Scott's "Life of Napoleon Bonaparte".

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