Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Compleat Angler

Izaak Walton, the author of "The Compleat Angler", died on December 15, 1683.  Walton lived a long life; 90 years.  Fishing must have been good for Walton, whose early career was spent as an ironmonger. 

Sir Walter Scott provided an unsigned preface and notes to an edition of Walton's work published in 1821.  In a later edition, published by Wiley & Putnam in 1847, Charles Cotton's name is listed along with Walton's  This book contains a section titled "Some Account of the Life and Times of Charles Cotton", which contains the remark: 'The practical angler, though fresh from the study of Hofland, Chitty, or Ronald, will be gratified and instructed by reading Cotton after Walton, notwithstanding that Walter Scott says: "Walton's practice was entirely confined to bait-fishing...'

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