Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leaving Naples

April 15, Naples.—I am on the eve of leaving Naples after a residence of three or four months, my strength strongly returning, though the weather has been very uncertain. What with the interruption occasioned by the cholera and other inconveniences, I have not done much. I have sent home only the letters by L.L. Stuart and three volumes of the Siege of Malta. I sent them by Lord Cowper's son—Mr. Cowper returning, his leave being out—and two chests of books by the Messrs. Turner, Malta, who are to put them on board a vessel, to be forwarded to Mr. Cadell through Whittaker. I have hopes they will come to hand safe. I have bought a small closing carriage, warranted new and English, cost me £200, for the convenience of returning home. It carries Anne, Charles, and the two servants, and we start to-morrow morning for Rome, after which we shall be starting homeward, for the Greek scheme is blown up, as Sir Frederick Adam is said to be going to Madras, so he will be unable to send a frigate as promised. I have spent on the expenses of medical persons and books, etc., a large sum, yet not excessive...

From Scott's Journal.

Scott's departure from Abbotsford to Naples was covered a few posts ago.  Scott's entourage arrived in Naples on December 17, 1831.  After nearly four months of rest and recuperation, he is leaving on April 15, 1832.  According to Lockhart ("Memoirs of Sir Walter Scott"), the person he saw most on this trip was Sir William Gell, who had also turned to Naples for his health.    Scott's post from this day discusses his "Siege of Malta", which has recently been published.  Scott also logs the story of Il Bizarro; also recently published.  Lockhart's biography relates that Scott worked on these stories through much of his time in Naples.

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