Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Dundas Dynasty

November 26, 1827 - from Scott's Journal: Dined with Robert Dundas of Arniston, Lord Register, etc. An agreeable evening.

Robert was one of a long line of legal Dundas's of that forename. An earlier (b. around 1665) Robert Dundas served as MP and judge in Scotland. This Robert's son, also Robert (1685 - 1753), was known as Robert the Elder. Robert the Elder served as Solicitor General and Lord Advocate, among other posts. Robert the Elder had another Robert; the Younger (1713-1787). This Dundas also served the same two posts in later years. This Robert in turn sired a Robert (1758 - 1819); again these two posts were served by a Robert Dundas as late as 1789 (Solicitor General) and 1801 (Lord Advocate). Finally, we reach the Robert that Walter Scott dined with; Robert (1804-1887). This Robert Dundas later changed his surname to Nisbet-Hamilton, names gained through his marriage to Lady Mary Bruce, when she succeeded to these estates (Dirleton Castle/Acherfield House).

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