Thursday, November 12, 2009

Duncan II of Scotland

On this day in 1094, King Duncan II was murdered. Duncan was the son of Malcolm III, who died during the invasion of Northumbria in 1093 (Battle of Alnwick). Along with Malcolm, his son Edward, Duncan's half brother, also died.

Duncan had not been considered by his father as a successor. Duncan's early life was spent in the English court of William I, at first as a hostage (beginning 1072), but later as a member of court. William's successor, William II ultimately knighted Duncan.

After Malcolm died, his brother Donalbane took the Scottish throne. Duncan, with the support of William II, challenged Donalbane, and was victorious. Duncan's reign was short lived, as we was soon murdered by one of Donalbane's supporters, known as Mael Patair.

Duncan is buried at Dunfermline Abbey, a place Scott was familiar with. Scott's Abbotsford contains oak paneling from the old church in Dunfermline Abbey. This fact is reported in biographer Lockhart's Memoirs of the life of Sir Walter Scott, as described by Scott himself in a letter (10/10/1822) to solicitor D. Terry.

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