Sunday, May 6, 2012


'In stern opposition to those admirers of the constitution stood two bodies of unequal numbers, strength and efficacy; …

The Jacobins, - the second of these parties, - were allies of the Brissotins, with the ulterior purpose of urging the revolutionary force to the uttermost, but using as yet the shelter of their republican mantle.  Robespierre, who, by an affection of a frugal and sequestered course of life, preserved among the multitude the title of the Incorruptible, might be considered as head of the Jacobins, if they had indeed a leader more than wolves have, which tuned their united voices to the cry of him who bays the loudest.'

Turning again today to Sir Walter Scott’s “Life of Napoleon Bonaparte”, we find the interesting introduction to Maximilien Robespierre above.  Robespierre’sexecution was covered in an earlier post.  May 6 is the date of his birth.  The year was 1758.

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