Monday, April 23, 2012

Saint George

Saint George’s banner, broad and gay,
Now faded, as the fading ray
Less bright, and less, was flung;
The evening gale had scarce the power
To wave it on the donjon tower,
So heavily it hung.
The scouts had parted on their search,
The castle gates were barred;
Above the gloomy portal arch,
Timing his footsteps to a march,
The warder kept his guard,
Low humming, as he paced along,
Some ancient Border gathering song.

The text above is from Walter Scott’s poem “Marmion”.  April 23rd is Saint George’s Day.  George was a Roman soldier, and a Christian.  He was beheaded for opposing Emperor Diacletian's efforts to slay Christians.  George is now the patron saint of England and Catalonia.

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