Friday, February 17, 2012

Seeking an Introduction

‘…I told Sandy that I had a letter to Jeffrey the Advocate. Last week I went up one evening and delivered it. The little man received me in his kindest style; talked with me for an hour, tho' very busy, on all possible things; and really proved himself by much the most agreeable citizen of Edinburgh that I had ever met with. I am sorry the man is so immersed in Law; otherwise it is possible enough we might even become friends. He invited me repeatedly to come to the “Court” any morning, and he would introduce me to various people, among others to Sir Walter Scott. I have not gone yet, being little careful of such introductions…’

In a letter Thomas Carlyle wrote to his mother, dated February 17th, 1827, Carlyle speaks of possibly being introduced to Walter Scott.  Meeting Scott proved frustrating for Carlyle, as Scott was always away when he called.  Carlyle was later able to pass on a gift from Goethe a year later, but still couldn’t meet Scott.

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