Monday, June 20, 2011

Anna Maria Porter

According to Chambers' Book of Days, the novelist Anna Maria Porter died on June 20, 1832.  Anna Maria was the sister of fellow author Jane Porter, and of brother Sir Robert Ker Porter.  Anna Maria's first novel, "Artless Tales", was published in 1792, when the author was twelve years old.

According to a brief bio by Robert Carruthers in "Chambers' Cyclopaedia of English Literature", Sir Walter Scott, when a student at college, was intimate with the family, and, we are told, "was very fond of either teasing the little female student [Anna Maria Porter] when very gravely engaged with her book, or more often fondling her on his knees, and telling her stories of witches and warlocks, till both forgot their former playful merriment in the marvellous interest of the tale."

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