Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mutiny of the 43rd HIghland Regiment

"Your honour can be at nae loss. I have seen you write fast and fast
enough; and for subjects, you have the whole Highlands to write about,
and I am sure you know a hundred tales better than that about Hamish
MacTavish, for it was but about a young cateran and an auld carlin, when
all's done; and if they had burned the rudas quean for a witch, I am
thinking, may be they would not have tyned their coals--and her to gar
her ne'er-do-weel son shoot a gentleman Cameron! I am third cousin to
the Camerons mysel'--my blood warms to them. And if you want to write
about deserters, I am sure there were deserters enough on the top of
Arthur's Seat, when the MacRaas broke out, and on that woeful day beside
Leith Pier--ohonari!"--

In "Chronicles of the Canongate", Sir Walter Scott brings in the MacRaes, who, as part of the 43rd Highland Regiment, mutinied on May 18, 1743.  This mutiny was portrayed beautifully by John Prebble in his "Mutiny".

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