Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lord Darnley Murdered

'Young Darnley was remarkably tall and handsome, perfect in all external and showy accomplishments, but unhappily destitute of sagacity, prudence, steadiness of character, and exhibiting only doubtful courage, though extremely violent in his passions.'

-Sir Walter Scott

The second husband of Mary Queen of Scots, and the father of James VI of Scotland/I of England, Henry Stuart was murdered on February 10, 1567.  Lord Darnley was found strangled at Kirk o'Field in Edinburgh while Mary was attending a wedding.  An explosion occurred at provost's house where Darnley had been staying, but it was not the cause of Darnley's death.  James Hepburn, who Mary married three months later was widely held to be responsible for the murder, but this was never proven.

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