Saturday, May 1, 2010


' I'm no wanting to learn onything at my years,' said Meg. ' If folk have onything to write to me about, they may gie the letter to John Hislop, the carrier, that has used the road these forty years. As for the letters at the postmistress's, as they ca' her, down by yonder, they may bide in her shop-window, wi' the snaps and bawbee rows till Beltane, or I loose them. I'll never file my fingers with them. Post-mistress, indeed !—Upsetting cutty ! I mind her fou weel when she dree'd penance for antenup '

From St. Ronan's Well, by Walter Scott

The second half of the ancient Celtic year begins with the fire festival of Beltane; along with Samhuinn, Imbolc, and Lughnasadh, one of the quarter-day Celtic festivals.

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